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Why Infinity

The Johal family’s ambitious vision gave birth to Infinity Express, with a fundamental emphasis on placing people first in all our operations. This philosophy has been the driving force behind our unwavering pursuit of excellence, enabling us to surpass even the most formidable competitors in the industry. Since then, our commitment to attaining perfection has been relentless, marking a pivotal moment in our journey towards excellence.

Mission Statement

Infinity Express is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions that pave the way for our clients’ future success. We operate with a people-centric philosophy, with our team available around the clock to cater to your needs. Our experienced senior dispatchers have accumulated over seven years of industry expertise and are committed to ensuring our clients’ satisfaction. We also have a dedicated support staff that works tirelessly to facilitate our customers’ success.

We employ cutting-edge transportation and logistics technology to provide prompt, reliable, and customized service that meets the unique needs of each truckload shipper. Our goal is to provide accurate information that empowers our clients to make informed decisions that help them achieve their goals.

Experience is crucial in the dynamic transportation industry, and our operations team boasts vast industry knowledge and experience. We leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to continually exceed the highest performance standards. Our forward-thinking, technology-driven approach empowers us to deliver greater reliability, competitiveness, and responsiveness to meet your needs.

Our commitment to fulfilling our mission is evident in every aspect of our operations. We continually challenge ourselves to raise the bar on service excellence and strive to be the best in the industry. We maintain strong relationships with our clients and prioritize open communication to ensure we are meeting their evolving needs. We are also committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, working to minimize our carbon footprint and reduce waste throughout our operations.


Our nerve center, located at 5098 Foothills Blvd in Roseville, CA, is a hub of activity. We occupy a vast area, and our administrative offices have cutting-edge infrastructure manned by dedicated professionals who aim for excellence in all our operations. Moreover, our headquarters encompasses a distribution facility of over 10,000 square feet, equipped with state-of-the-art technology to handle various products and shipments efficiently. With parking capacity for 400 trailers, our headquarters is designed to enable the smooth and seamless movement of goods, making us the top choice for companies seeking dependable logistics solutions.

Regions Served

Infinity Express offers comprehensive coverage across the contiguous 48 states with the aid of our skilled drivers and up-to-date equipment. We are dedicated to delivering dependable and effective service to any location. Our commitment to our customers is unwavering, and we invite you to visit our website to discover more about our services and capabilities. Please get in touch with us to see how we can assist you in streamlining your shipping processes and increasing your profits.

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